Russian open database of scientific papers get $500k investment


Good news this week!  The Russian open database of scientific texts has just received a $500k investment for a 25% stake.

Being a local equivalent to Google Scholar, CyberLeninka offers access to more than a million articles in more than a thousand peer-reviewed journals. Of course, the majority of them are in Russian, but I guess, they do have a plan of somehow internationalizing it, because this round of funding has only been the first one. As the source says, they are actively working with international investors and probably prepare for launching on the international market.

CyberLeninka uses the name of the largest Russian ‘brick-and-mortar’ library named after Vladimir Lenin (people just call it Leninka). It was established in 2012 by Dmitry Semyachkin, Evgeniy Kislyak and Mikhail Sergeyev. On average, it has 3 million monthly visitors, with an annual figure of 22 million.

As the founders say, they don’t plan to introduce paid access, the content will remain free for all. This is because the license of the journals, which are indexed by CyberLeninka, allows free distribution. Instead, they are working on commercial services for publishers, scientists and the government.

So Russia’s contribution to the global science community is going to grow substantially in the nearest future, and that’s not because President Putin said that Russia will do it, but thanks to people like Dmitry, Evgeniy and Mikhail.