Win Every Word Game

Word games always have been a big seller. They do, however, not only sell as board games or in newspapers, mobile games with words have gained great attention, at least since Zynga published Words With Friends in 2009 and created millions of addicts all over the world. Besides Words With Friends, there are lots of other word games available in the App Store and Google Play and they all have one thing in common: They are beastly hard.

Well, sure you can play Scrabble with your smartphone and create common words with common letters, but as soon as there are more characters like “X” and “Q” than “E” or “T” on your rack, you start to feel uncomfortable, right? Especially, if you’re not a native speaker of English, what should be the case with a chance of 93,3%. So, if there’s no little Brit on your shoulder telling you the fanciest word to conquer the highscore, you need a tool that does the job for you, right? Right.

The word generator at

The word generator at

Luckily, features many specialized word generator tools to make words from letters for different word games like Scrabble, the above-mentioned Words With Friends, Word Feud and more. There is only one thing you’ve got to consider: Although the website is mobile-optimized (so that you can use the word tools, even sneaky-peaky-like under the kitchen table), there is no app, that’s helping you out.

No Word Grabber app to be exact. As a loyal reader of this blog, you definitely know, that Rinat published “What’s that Word” earlier this year, a “fast and convenient word search” for “those who can’t live without word puzzle games”. An app, that doesn’t even require an internet connection to spit out one of its 400.000 words.

So, no matter where you are and what device you prefer, you no longer have to come off second best – and you’ve now got the chance to win every word game.